Super Shell


Vitamin D3, Copper (Copper Glycinate), Zinc (Zinc Glycinate), Manganese (Manganese Glycinate) Selenium (Selenium Glycinate).


• Vitamin D3 is required for proper absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, which are required for normal growth, bone development, and eggshell formation.

• Zinc, Manganese and copper are compounds involved in the metabolic process of eggshell formation. These trace minerals work as co-factors of enzymes involved with shell matrix formation. Carbonic anhydrase, which is zinc dependant, stimulates calcium carbonate deposition for eggshell formation. Polymerase enzyme, which is dependent on manganese, forms the shell glycoprotein matrix or foundation.

• Supplementing the diet with highly bioavailable minerals like mineral-amino acid complexes increases the eggshell weight and eggshell thickness. Copper affects the synthesis of shell membrane by activity of copper containing enzyme lysyl oxidase.

• Minerals play a key role in the maintenance of osmotic pressure, and thus regulate the exchange of water and solutes within the animal body.

• Minerals serve as structural constituents of soft tissues.

• Minerals are essential for the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction.

• Minerals play a vital role in the acid-base equilibrium of the body, and thus regulate the pH of the blood and other body fluids.

•  1 Kg for 1 Ton of Feed.


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